H200 Series

[ Welded construction Maximum pressure - 200 bar roun ]

Cylinder selection guide

Ordering details for H200 series hydraulic cylinder

Features and specifications
5 Standard mounting styles
Provision for smaller as well as bigger    rod diameter for each bore size
Bore size - 80mm to 300 mm
Wide range of mounting accessories
Bore sizes - 40mm to 200mm
Strokes available in any practical stroke    length
Maximum working pressure - 200 bar
Piston rods - 45 mm to 220 mm
Single rod design
Temperature range : -
   -20 C to + 80 C (standard)
   -20 C to + 150 C (optional
Seal types to suit a wide variety of operating environments
Standard fluid - Mineral oil DIN 51524    (HL, HLP)

All dimensions are in millimeters unless otherwise stated.

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