JN Series

[ Tie rod construction Maximum pressure - 160 bar, As per ISO - 6020/2 (2006) ]

Cylinder selection guide

Ordering details of JN series hydraulic cylinders

Design features and benefits
Piston rods Cushioning

Made from medium carbon Steel. Precision ground, hard chrome- plated and polished to ensure smooth, dent & rust resistant surface for best sealing and long life.

Self-aligning cushioning bush ensures alignment of the rod movement inside the cushioning chamber, providing accurate damping action at the end of stroke.

Barrel Cushioning adjustment

Made from cold drawn seamless Steel tubes. Honed to 0.4 micron and higher surface finish to minimize internal friction and longer seal life and performance.

For fine adjustment of cushioning movement.

Cover plates Piston seal

Fine machined from Steel and constructed with a sturdy design to withstand high pressure loads.

Provided with low friction single piston seal design for no stick-slip effect in rotated two wear strips. This design provides smooth operation, long bearing life and high load carrying capacity.

Piston rod gland Rod seal

Made from Turcite T47 material. Non-metallic wear rings are used in the cylinder head for precisely guiding the piston rod of the working cylinder and absorbing lateral forces which occur. At the same time, metallic contact between the sliding parts of the cylinder, e.g. piston rod and cylinder head must be prevented. Nonmetallic wear rings offer major benefits compared to metallic guides.

Polyurethane U-cup seal is used which has double lip design for good sealing effect & maximum flexibility.

Tie rods Wiper seal

Made from high tensile Steel rods tightened with hexagonal nuts for easy maintenance.

The wiper is a double working nitrile wiper seal. The wiper lips are designed to wipe off dust and provide light sealing. It has advantage of radial tension to wipe off particles, dust and water.

Features and specifications
Interchangeable mountings
12 Standard mounting styles
Provision for smaller as well as bigger rod diameter for each    bore size
Wide range of mounting accessories
Bore sizes - 25mm to 200mm
Available in any practical stroke length
Maximum working pressure 160 bar
Piston rods - 12mm to 140mm
Single and double rod design
Cushioning available from 63mm bore onwards
Cushions available at either ends
Temperature range : -
   -20 C to +80 C (standard)
   -20 C to +150 C (optional)
Seal types to suit a wide variety of applications
Standard fluid : Mineral oil, DIN 51524 (HL, HLP)

Available Mountings

All dimensions are in millimeters unless otherwise stated.

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